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Powerless power compensation controller (common complementary type) (FTJKW)

Powerless power compensation controller (common complementary type) (FTJKW)




Product Introduction



Ambient temperature: -25°C to +65°C

Altitude: no more than 2000M

Atmospheric conditions: air humidity not exceeding 90%

Environmental conditions: media free of conductive dust


Implementation standards:

Power Industry Industry Standard "DL/T597-1996



The installation, maintenance and operation of the controller must be carried out by personnel with the relevant professional knowledge and skills.

Ensure that the operating voltage of this controller is within the range of AC 380V ± 20%, 50Hz ± 10%.

Do not open the housing of the controller at will to prevent electric shock.

Before disconnecting the current transformer from the controller, make sure that it is short-circuited or connected in parallel with another load of sufficiently small impedance to be worthwhile.


Technical Special:

Control of physical quantities: reactive power, no compensation dull zones, small loads without throwing oscillations.

Automatic phase sequence identification function: when the input B and C phase voltages and A phase currents are correctly wired, the secondary terminals S1 and S2 of the power transformer can be connected at will without affecting the correct operation of the controller (see Note 1, P26)

Coding cut function: cyclic cut and various coding methods are possible.

◇EMC electromagnetic compatibility, ETF group pulse immunity up to 4000V class A (the highest level of international electrical standards), has passed the test of the International Relay Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre, with the "EMC Inspection Certificate" issued by this institution.


Product selection:


Co-complementary JKW-24D
Complementary JKF-24D



Performance parameters:

Sampling voltage

AC 220V+20% three phase four wire

Sampling current








Relay output

AC 5A/250V

DC output




Hole size


Wall-mounted profile


Ambient temperature

-25° to +55°

Atmospheric conditions

Humidity not exceeding 90%

Measurement Accuracy

Voltage 0.5, Current 0.5, COSΦ 0.5, Active 1.0, Reactive 2.0


Diagram of the LCD display and keypad:

◇A:Liquid Crystal Display

1. output route 2. electrical parameters 3. operating status 4. digital display 5. control mode



6. ESC key, exit the current state, return to the main menu

7. ↑ key: when displaying, rotate the display of voltage, current, etc.; when setting parameters, add 1 digit to set the number from 0 to 9.

8.→When displaying, rotate display A, B, C and three phases; when setting parameters, move the cursor one bit to the right.

9.← Confirmation when setting parameters; when working manually, press this key for input and again for removal.




Model naming rules


Wiring diagram:

◇ Input voltage is A.B.C phase voltage (220V*3), input current A.B.C phase current: JKF-16J wiring diagram: (capacitor throwing switch is AC contactor)

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