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FTAKMJ-DP Cylindrical reinforced low-voltage shunt power capacitors with secondary protection (FTAKMJ-DP)

FTAKMJ-DP Cylindrical reinforced low-voltage shunt power capacitors with secondary protection (FTAKMJ-DP)



Product Introduction

Product features

■ Rated voltage: 0.45 to 0.85kvac;
■ Capacity range: 15 to 30 kvar;

■ Cylindrical housing, crimped (type M), bolted (type N);

■ Cylindrical aluminium housing with a special surface treatment for rust and corrosion resistance and tinned copper screw lead-in;
■ Fully dry design, with a compact and rational internal structure and a volume reduction of 1/3 to 1/2 compared to conventional products;

■ Unique dry overpressure explosion-proof technology, state-of-the-art in terms of safety, with capacitor failure manifested only as an open circuit;

■ Design and manufacturing processes in sync with Europe for stable and reliable product performance;

■ With its own discharge function, the voltage can be reduced to less than 75V after 3 minutes of power failure, giving a great protection to the maintenance personnel (1 minute when specially requested, need to specify when ordering).

■ The capacitors in this range have an internal secondary temperature control protection device for added safety and protection.










Security technology

■ Each capacitor is protected by an independent overvoltage safety device. As polypropylene film capacitors are rarely short-circuited after damage, the fuses and circuit breakers in the compensation system fail to provide adequate protection. When the pressure rises to a certain height, the terminals on the cover are disconnected from the internal connection lines, thus disconnecting the capacitor from the power supply and preventing further expansion of the fault. Note: When installing the capacitor, leave a 40mm space at the top and the connecting wires should be long enough to ensure a flexible space.

■ The capacitor has a secondary control circuit output, when the line voltage or current is abnormal and the capacitor itself is faulty, the device can cut off the control power by itself (in an open circuit state) or the secondary protection will be disconnected when the internal temperature of the capacitor is ≥70±5°C (when the internal temperature of the product drops to 50±10°C, the temperature control switch will automatically resume the connection state), the data feedback of the over temperature will be given to the protection line and the protection line will be automatically disconnected to prevent further expansion of the accident.





Typical applications

Widely used in 50Hz or 60Hz power systems to provide reactive power compensation, improve voltage quality and increase the efficiency of transformer use.





Capacitor applications

■ Pure capacitor compensation

1、No obvious (single higher power or certain number of low power non-linear loads) harmonic sources in the power system;

2、Total harmonic distortion rate of current THDi≦5%;

3、When the total harmonic distortion rate of current is 5%≦THDi≦15%, the rated voltage level of the compensation capacitor shall be increased.

4、It can be operated continuously in current total harmonic distortion rate THDi≤30%, and the expected life is higher than FTBKMJ series.

■ Important factors affecting the life of a capacitor

Harmonics in the grid, large amounts of harmonics directly cause damage to capacitors, over-voltage long-term operation, high ambient temperatures, etc. (for every 10% increase in voltage or every 5-7 degrees in temperature capacitor life is reduced by half).


General parameters:

Selection notes:


FTAKMJ -DP  -  0.45  -   5 -  3

------------------    -------    ----  ----



  ∣                         --------------------Connection: 1: Single phase

  ∣                                              3: Three-phase triangular connection

  ∣                    ----------------------------- Rated electrical capacity (kvar)

  ∣             ---------------------------------------- Rated voltage (kvac)

  ∣-------------------------------------------------------------- FT    Company Code

   AKMJ Reinforced low voltage shunt capacitors

   DP    With secondary protection


Different parameters can be designed according to customer requirements. For more choices of AC filter capacitor types, please refer to other specifications of metalised film capacitors.


    • FTAKMJ-DP Cylindrical reinforced low-voltage shunt power

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